The Hunt Continues!

Posted: 2009.10.22 in General
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In continuing for my hunt for some free laptop computers, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised – née, ecstatic – with the fantastic responses I have received thus far!

Let’s go back in time.  Last week, I put the feelers out on Kijiji and Craigslist, and then posted here about my plan.  Nothing came of it, and while I was visiting a local forum of which I’m a Member, I decided to post my story there.  Well, that became the turning point which became the stepping stone to seeing the success of this project through!  I received two messages from Members there mentioning that they both had laptops that they would give me!

One was an IBM T60 with a broken motherboard and hard drive, and the other – the pride and joy – was an IBM A31 which was reported as fully functional, and just no longer required!  I must say, I am hugely appreciative of both of these donations to my cause, and words really fail me to say how incredible the feeling is.

Another Member pointed me towards another resource that I had not yet tapped, and that was a worldwide freecycling network of people, located here.  I joined The Freecycle Network for both the Greater Toronto Area as well as for Durham, and just received a message from another person who is going to provide me with two older Toshiba Satellite laptops, one of which is functional.

I have made arrangements with all of the participants to either pick up their unused technology, or have them shipped to me at no cost to them.

I think this is incredible.  I really appreciate all of those who have responded to make this a success!

Rick // The DurhamDev


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