The Score is currently 1-1-2…

Posted: 2009.11.02 in Status
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The free laptop score is currently 1-1-2.  One boots (sort of), one is dead, and two are unable to be tested due to a lack of adapters.

  1. SniperGimp says:

    Hey hey,
    Don’t be too bummed out, it’ll happen in time. As someone who has built many a PC for friends and family I’m enjoying following your journey.

  2. durhamdev says:

    I appreciate that! I’ve been working with PCs for years as well. The first systems I ever got my hands dirty in were old 286’s, and I’ve been inside them ever since!

    Rick // The DurhamDev

  3. fab says:

    hey Rick,

    the IBM Thinkpads (before Lenovo bought their branding out I guess) were freakin’ tanks. As in, some of them have survived fires, floods, intense battering, driven over by cars, etc…

    I guess you checked with Jeremy (spidertroll) about his IBM thinkpad? those things are fantastic — if only laptops were upgradeable, the older form factors are much more durable and in some senses better designed than the newer ones since laptops used to be a corporate item. That’s why I try to buy business / enterprise grade and avoid consumer tech like the plague 😉

    glad to hear you took my freecycle suggestion (or perhaps you’d heard about it beforehand?) as per the thread. I can’t say I’ve tried my hand at freecycle much — more just poked around and thought the idea was cool — but I’m considering asking around for maybe an old drum kit or some drum lessons in exchange for house cleaning or something 🙂 hell, my roommate would love a set of turntables

    – Joel

  4. durhamdev says:

    Hey Joel,

    Yeah, I spoke with Jeremy and he’s going to clear out the HD and ship an A31 my way. It’s awesome, and I’m really excited.

    I actually knew about freecycling from an episode of Oprah (don’t ask) and from the show “Junk Raiders” on TLC, but I had no clue there was such a huge group on Yahoo Groups. I’m actually a Member of maybe ten different groups there, all over the GTA. I receive every E-Mail and setup a rule to place them into their various folders. So far, I’ve received the four laptops, two old computers, some spare computer parts and a laundry tub. I’ve donated the computer parts back out, and am planning on freecycling a bunch of kids’ toys and stuff.

    You should join up! Put up a “Wanted: Drum Kit” and post a reason for your request, and I’m sure you’ll get responses! You can’t barter though, they don’t allow that. (Actually, they say that could get you kicked from the group permanently.)

    Thanks very, very much for the recommendation!


    Rick // The DurhamDev

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