You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Posted: 2009.11.02 in General
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I find it amusing, and yet somewhat sad, when I read a post whereby a freecycler posts a request for some items (usually many items) when they’re obviously looking to profit on the generosity of others.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve spoken with a few people who are also looking for laptops and computers, and they have been fantastic.

One such freecycler is gathering older computer hardware to build computers for the elderly, and I think that this is an amazing display of generosity.  Another Member mentioned that he does resell some of the items he receives, but only to subsidize his travel and any parts he might need to buy if they cannot be found for free.

It’s surprising to me that other people think they’ll receive responses when their requests come of a bit selfish.

All in all, I think it’s the posts that are phrased inappropriately that rub me the wrong way.  If you’re looking for quantities of freecycled materials, I believe it is your responsibility to tell people why you’re looking for them.  A simple, politely worded post requesting the items is always better than one that gives little-to-no information.

I have actually read many posts that have said something like, “Wanted: TV’s, Computers and Electronics”, and gave no follow-up information as to why they were being requested.  I’m sure that the requester would likely have better luck sourcing said materials if they told everyone why they wanted them.  Sure, there will always be people just looking for the ‘quick pickup’ of their old, unused stuff, however, there are a significant number of freecyclers who would put that stuff to good use, and not just offer it up for sale afterward.

I always provide information and background for all of my requests, and always make sure to thank those who have helped me out with donations.  Sure, you might not receive what you want (personally, I’d love if someone donated a brand-new Windows 7 or iMac laptop) but when you receive whatever you get, you need to be courteous.  The two laptops I’ve received that won’t help me won’t ever be posted up on E-Bay, Kijiji or anywhere else – I’m going to freecycle them back to the community.  When I finally have a laptop up and running, any spare systems and/or parts will be freecycled as well.

After all, I have joined the freecycling community to find older electronic equipment for personal use, to donate my unused stuff to those who need it, and of course, to help keep it all out of a landfill.  I’m definitely not in it to make money.

Rick // The DurhamDev


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