Me and my busy week.

Posted: 2009.11.13 in General

Well, I must say it’s been an extremely busy week for me. I’ve been working on web development pretty much every single night, and as such, my blog has suffered. I had hoped to post at least one item each night, but this week has been a bust.

I was extremely happy last weekend when I visited the nicest older couple out in Markham to pick up two more laptops, and they were more than gracious in giving me two full-size computers as well! There was a little bit of a language gap I noticed, as when I had spoken with the man on the phone, he had told me that there were two “power supplies” that he would include with the laptops. Little did I realize that the power supplies were actually computers! I am constantly amazed by the generosity of people.

As it stands, with power supplies being in the minority, I have yet to have a laptop which is fully bootable. So, unfortunately, I have to score myself low again this week.

The Score - Part II

Ah well, such is life.  I have a request out for laptop power supplies, so hopefully, someone has something they could provide me with.  Otherwise, I do have a power supply with a broken end, so perhaps I could buy up a few odd ends from Radio Shack and get something running.

Let’s see what the weekend holds!

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