What goes best with a free laptop?

Posted: 2009.12.09 in Freecycled, General

Well, a free operating system, of course!  Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”, to be exact.

Ubuntu Logo

have just installed Ubuntu, the most popular and widely used Linux distribution, and I couldn’t be happier.  After a successful installation, I encountered a slight issue with my on-board video card being a bit too old to run properly, I have repaired the problem.  From reading the Ubuntu 9.10 Release notes, it would seem that it’s a recognized issue, and will actually have a fix put in place shortly.

“With older ATI graphics cards with 32MB or less of video RAM some corruption of direct rendered windows, for example OSD notifier windows, might appear. This may be worked around by disabling ‘RenderAccel’ in the Xorg configuration.”

Unfortunately, the fix they recommended only solved half of my problem, because the terminal commands they recommended stopped during the creation of the xorg.conf file in the /etc/X11 subdirectory, and mentioned that my on-board Trackpoint mouse might be the culprit for the halt.  It did create a file named xorg.conf.new in my home subdirectory, however, and after searching Google, I found that I could actually copy the file from one subdirectory to the other with little difficulty.  (…and by “with little difficulty”, experienced Linux users will understand that this means, “I had to search Google again to find the information on how to copy a file to a directory that had security applied and wouldn’t allow it to be copied using my current access.”)

Once I fixed the issue, I went on to install my Instant Messaging program of choice, Pidgin, and a couple of new themes.  Now, I plan to do a little more investigation into what other programs will do the job the best.  I know that I’ll be looking at some text editors, as well as some variation of graphic editors as well, so I’ll keep updated with what’s going onto the new computer!

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  1. MDE says:

    Waiting for another update. Miss your posts

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