Almost a year has gone by…

Posted: 2010.11.08 in General

…and a lot has changed. I’ve gone from being a Web Developer to focusing more on Family. I believe I’ve come to that crossroads that a lot of us come to, where our inspiration to work harder and make more money for our Family takes a back-burner to being there for our Family.

Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t been doing stuff since my apparent hiatus from the blog.  I have.  I’ve done some serious renovations around my house, including installing laminate hardwood flooring throughout the first floor, rebuilding our entire kitchen including custom cabinetry throughout, installed wainscoting in our living room and dining room, built a customized media system into our fireplace, and have recently started a renovation on our main floor bathroom.  (If someone could tell me how to juggle that as well as a second job developing websites, I’d like to know how!)

During my last foray in the field, I was working for a small business locally (who shall remain nameless) and had a very bad experience with the person who hired me.  I was hired based upon a very specific job posting, looking for a “Primary” Web Developer who was able to work evenings and weekends – which was right up my alley.  The one ‘catch’ was that I was to suspend all of my present projects and work solely for this company.  At the time, I did not mind this, as I was planning on closing my company, anyway.  I was praised almost daily about my work ethic – I responded to work requests and completely the work very quickly.  I was getting 20-30 hours per week, as promised, but unfortunately, this was short-lived.  Within a couple of months, the work started waning away, to the point where I was lucky to receive an hour each week.  I spoke with the Owner who had hired me, and she said that the work ‘just wasn’t there’ at the time… …but I thought there was something else.  I spoke with the Administrator, and found out that there were two other people hired on through the day to work on the development – which I had been told would not happen, as I had been hired as the Primary Developer.

I tried to call and speak with the Owner about this, however, it now seemed like she was avoiding the conversation.  I sent an E-Mail, asking if the work that I should be getting was going to the new hire, and was told that the Owner had difficulty working in the evenings and on weekends, and was ‘forced’ to hire someone on through the day – but that she would be happy to keep me on for the ‘immediate requirements’.  Unfortunately, this was the last straw – it wasn’t the fact that she needed to expand her business, nor was it the fact that the work was getting passed to this new person.  It was a matter of ethics – had this been brought to my attention ahead of time, I would not have had a problem with it.  I would have asked that the work be metered out more fairly – if at all possible – and if that had not been possible, I would have parted company happily, and without regret.  I sent my letter of resignation – informing the Owner that I could no longer work for her company, and advising her of my disappointment with her decision.  One line of my resignation sums it up nicely:

I don’t fault you for hiring on more staff to grow the business, however, I deserved to have an honest conversation with you, letting me know that my responsibilities would change, as you can’t tell me that [Redacted] and [Redacted] aren’t receiving any hours for development and coding.

My Wife is concerned – a lot – about burnout, and she’s right.  That was the other main reason for not continuing working a second job.  Unfortunately, I’m not one who can sit still for great amounts of time.  I’m always fidgety, and need to have my hands in something.

This time, I’ve found something to keep me busy that doesn’t rely on others – it’s not business related, but it’s a lot of fun.  Since this post has become a threadnought, I’ll put it in the next post.  Maybe you’ll get a hint from my new sig.


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