I’m “Doomed!” – The “Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3” Project

Posted: 2010.11.08 in DOOMED!, General

So, has anybody out there played Doom 3?

Doom 3 Logo

The game came out in 2004, and was a reboot of the groundbreaking Doom franchise by id Software.  I used to play the game for hours on end, back when my Wife and I lived in our apartment in the West end.  She used to laugh at me, mainly because I couldn’t play the game beyond dusk…  I’d play until it got dark – and then, my imagination would take over.  That’s it!  The game would be turned off until the next day.  You can read more background information about the game on the Wikipedia Article, here.

The first level of Doom 3 has you, a Space Marine, walking around the Mars Base in 2145, before the base is taken over by demons and other creatures.  During this walkabout, you can visit the kitchen, and if you want, play an arcade game called, “Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3”.

Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

It’s a classic ‘easter egg’, inserted into the game to invoke some nostalgia of the earlier Doom games.  The face in the top left corner is the “Doomguy” that you used to play in the original, and the textures on the background (including the fist) come from the earlier game as well.  (Spoiler: if you play long enough, you get the ‘high score’… …and then receive a chastising E-Mail on your Doom 3 PDA.)  Well, being a big fan of Doom 3, and being a Member of the “Build Your Own Arcade Controls” forum (located here), I decided to BUILD IT!  (Just for background – the BYOAC is a group of people who restore, or build their own full size arcade games.

Thanks to a couple of Members on the BYOAC Forums, I was provided the reference images from within the game itself, giving me every angle of the STTP3 game, and allowing me to build this image in Google Sketchup, which allows me to extrapolate a full, three dimensional image of what I’m designing.

The design process has taken a few months to get to the point where I’ve said, “this is it!”, but it’s something I’ve enjoyed, every step of the way.  I decided to start working on the Control Panel first, as it had some angles which were a lot more challenging than some.  First, I started by measuring and cutting, and came up with this:

Unfortunately, after assembling everything, I noted that there were a LOT of cuts that would not give me the flat surface I needed, so I restarted from scratch, and finally came up with a design that worked. Here it is, assembled.

It wasn’t a lot to look at, and I still tried to figure out how the seams were going to look after filling and sanding. I was really concerned that it would still look ‘choppy’, and I hoped my woodworking skills would be up to par… I was very happy with the way it turned out, after only one filling, sanding and priming session!

I have a lot more work to do – but I’m excited with the progress so far.


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