The satisfaction you get from starting over.

Posted: 2010.11.25 in DOOMED!, General

Sure, it took a while, but finally, I’ve got the control panel almost looking whole again.

After the horrors of my mistake with the router, and two or three ‘miscoats’ because I had a lack of willingness to sand the entire panel AGAIN, I went ahead and stripped back much of the paint I had painstakingly laid, until much of the bare wood was showing… It had to be done, simply because my cuts were much deeper than I had thought, and because some of the original cuts did still show through a bit – and once I knew they were there, I saw them every… damn… time. I had hoped I could just spot sand the specific parts I could see, but after a few coats of paint, I noticed way too much pitting and the router marks were far too visible. So, a week and a bit later, I give you this:

That’s a pic from my deck in natural light, and you can see the shine is a little dull yet – the base coat is after 150 grit sandpaper. There’s more green painters tape on the sides, since I’ve covered them off to redo the complete top and front, properly. Here’s a pic from inside, which helps to convey the paint colour even a bit better.

I just noticed you can see a bit of the surrounding reflection from the other items – the chair and the pizza box I’m using as a drying stand – in the paint’s finish! Nice! Regardless, if you haven’t noted already, these pics were taken with my digital camera, rather than my phone, so if you blow them up, you’ll probably be able to pick out the problem areas I have yet to fix.

The ‘next steps’ are to go to Home Depot to replenish my supplies – I’m out of sandpaper, and my second can of spray paint is now empty. (Yes, I’ve used two complete cans of spray paint so far on the panel alone. I’m hopeful that I can rectify that little wastage before continuing with the other parts of the cab.) I already have my gray and clearcoat ready to go, so once I’ve sprayed a couple more layers of red, I’ll be ready to remove the tape, fix up the sides (one of the gray sides needs redoing) and then, we’re onto clearcoat!

I’ll post more pics of the control panel once the it’s constructed. By that time, I hope to show you it clearcoated, with the art put on, the plexi installed, and assembled with joysticks and buttons. But if the weather holds out, you might see more pics of something else by Monday!



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