News Flash: Cold snap grips city! Spray paint rendered inoperable!

Posted: 2010.12.08 in DOOMED!, General

Well, winter has hit our city with a vengeance this year. I really can’t complain, though. While we received a couple inches (if that) of snow over the weekend, it sounds like every city around us is getting dumped on. It’s not that bad, really. It’s just COLD. I mean, time-to-put-on-your-wooly-underwear-under-your-pants-to-go-to-work cold.

Sadly, that means my build has all but stopped. I had planned to do the last little bit of wet sanding and then paint with the clear coat, but I can’t do that when the paint in my rattle-can freezes as it comes out of the nozzle. I’ve moved along to redesigning more of the internal structure, and in doing that, I’ve been working a lot in the evenings with Google Sketchup.

If you haven’t used this free program for 3D modeling, it’s surprisingly simple, and extremely forgiving. The best part, in my opinion, is the community of developers who have already shared a lot of their renders online – for free as well. If you’re using the program to design a house, and need virtual people to fill it, you don’t have to draw them from scratch. Just search the web, and download the models right into your workspace! It’s amazing.

As an example, I searched the web for “HAPP Competition Joysticks” and buttons, which are the model of hardware I’m using on the control panel. A couple of clicks later, and voila! I had the models integrated right into my control panel. Take a look:

As you can see, with little work, I was able to get the look I wanted – joysticks and buttons, all laid out nicely on the panel… …close to exactly how they’ll look, once the control panel is complete!

I have also started to concentrate more on the ‘little things’ that will make the project stand out. If you expand the picture above, you’ll note I’ve duplicated the original panel artwork, but as the original text was close to unreadable from the source pics I have, I chose to include instructions on how to make the game ‘work’. I will expand more on that in future posts, and provide better pics.

For example, the back of the cabinet is something that NOBODY (short of the original Design Team at id) has probably ever seen. In Doom 3, the arcade game is positioned up against a wall, so unless you have developer tools, and are able to extract the model from the game itself, you’ll NEVER see what’s back there. Thankfully, I was provided these models by some very industrious friends, and have a view of the back. Here’s a small view of the lower quarter:

…and here is my work:

As you can see, I have tried to keep the detail as close to the original as possible. The venting system is intact, and accent ridges are found in the appropriate spots. (For the nitpickers, don’t be too concerned with the multiple lines that carry through the rear ‘feet’. I designed everything on the model for construction using 3/4″ MDF, so that’s just showing where the ‘layers’ will meet. It will all be buffed out and painted smooth when the time comes!)

As it is, I’m hopeful that the weather gets nicer soon. Warm is always good, but I’d settle for sunny and “cool”. If I can find the time on a nice, sunny day, to get outside and do some more work, I will. I’m not too impatient, but I know this guy is:



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