Hello? Is this id Software? Yes? Ok, I’d like to speak to …

Posted: 2010.12.10 in DOOMED!, General

If you had the opportunity to speak with someone famous – someone who you would expect to be unreachable – what would you ask them? Would you ever take that chance? What would you do if they actually responded? Let me tell you, folks, it is quite exciting when this happens.

Now, it’s not every day you get to chat up people you admire. Even less frequently does it happen where they offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to glimpse into the original work that they based your favourite video game on. This happened to me, very recently, when I was looking for (get this) a large picture of a turkey. (Seriously. I needed a turkey. What’s “Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3” without a turkey?) Let me explain. I’m working on a customized startup screen for Windows, and wanted to incorporate the turkey you ‘punch’ in the game into the picture.

It’s not real. Please don’t go calling PETA. Really, it’s not real. Seriously. Here — this is a picture of it, just so you believe me.

(Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… He’s cute, eh?)

Unfortunately, the only picture I could find online was very, very small. I spoke with some of the artistic types on the BYOAC Forums, and they were able to blow it up to insane proportions, as you see, above. It doesn’t look perfect, sure, but I really appreciated the people who did their best with what they had.

Then, it happened. One of the Members posted a message and let me know he had done some research. With his amazing Google-Fu skills, he had tracked down the ENTIRE Art Team for Doom 3, and even better, their E-Mail Addresses! I was overwhelmed. This was amazing.

I spent that evening crafting a very polite E-Mail, letting them know what I was working on, what my inspiration was, and why Doom 3 was my favourite game. I tried to keep their interest, so that my E-Mail didn’t (quickly) find it’s way into their junk folder, and I asked if there was any way I could find a better picture of the turkey. I guess, somehow, my E-Mail must have worked, because I received an E-Mail a couple of hours later:

Hey Rick,

You are in luck…I created the Turkey Puncher game, so I should have the source art around somewhere. I can’t remember if I created the art at the low res used in game, but I seem to remember coloring in the sketch a bit bigger. It’s probably not very high res, but should be better than the tga sprites in the base folder. Let me dig through my archives a bit.


I thought for a moment, “Hold on a second. The name ‘patd’ looks very familiar… I know I’ve seen this name before.”

Well, as it turns out, I had seen it before. I had visited a site about hidden “easter eggs” in Doom 3, and Pat Duffy (Media Artist at id Software responsible for some serious immersion in Doom 3) had managed to sneak this signature onto a monitor in the game itself!

(Yes, that’s “patd was here”, hidden on the bottom of the monitor in the game. I love when people have a good sense of humour!)

I was amazed! Not only did I receive a response from “The Man” responsible for creating “Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3”, but he was going to send me some of the original artwork!!! I received a follow-up E-Mail a few days ago, as their Teams have been very busy working on a new game…

I pulled up the archive and found some of the stuff, it looks like I created them at the size needed in-game so it’s not very high res. I’ll go through and pull some psd’s and send them over when I get a chance.

I think it’s great you are working on the project, it’s always awesome to see the cool things people do with our games! 🙂

There’s no higher praise than hearing that the person who created the work you’re painstakingly trying to bring to life likes what you’re doing. It’s also a testament to today’s corporate culture that allows regular people to be able to connect with those who – let’s be honest – you wouldn’t be able to get within twenty feet of, ten years ago.

Wow. I guess I really need to do a good job now, eh? Pat Duffy knows I’m building it, and that means id Software knows I’m building it. If it’s ugly, I can’t imagine what they might send my way…

Yeah. I think I’d better do a really, really good job.


  1. Ca9ine says:

    OK, I just read through a good few of your entries…
    This is by far some of the coolest shit I’ve seen for years!

    Have you had anything regarding this project published in some online gaming magazines?

  2. durhamdev says:

    Hi! Thanks for the compliment! I haven’t made any strides as yet to get into some gaming mags, but I will be trying as soon as the game starts taking shape. I’m hoping our Canadian weather lets up soon, so I can get back outside and do more work.

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