One of these days…

Posted: 2011.09.14 in DOOMED!, General

…I’ll build me a workshop, so I don’t have to rely on good weather to get things done!

Progress is slower than I had hoped, however, I have made some strides to get as much done as I can inside, so that when I am able to, I can just set everything up and have it ready for cutting. As you’ll see from the pic below, I have a few sheets of 3/4″ MDF all sketched out, with the entire back of the cabinet ready for cutting and carving.

I find the cutting and carving to actually take less time than the layout, but that’s to be expected. If you plan properly, you won’t have to go back and redo as much. It does happen, mind you, and it’s usually because the plan just wasn’t good enough to achieve the result you’re looking for.

Two sayings come to mind. The first is, “A failure to plan is just planning to fail”, and it’s very true. If you don’t have a clear plan of attack, you’ll find yourself painted into a corner, or having to go back over what you might have already done. The second saying is, “measure twice, cut once”, and is immeasurably more important when it comes to actually doing the work. If you don’t make certain every cut you make is right, then you’ve wasted time, wood, and you’ve likely dropped your morale a few notches. (Don’t worry – it does happen to everybody, every once in a while. The trick is to pick yourself up, and take it as a learning experience. It happens.)

For the speaker grille, I made a prototype cover to see how it would come out. Except for the fact that I must have made a mistake in measuring or setting up the Carvewright (see “measure twice” above!) it turned out pretty nice.

I have decided that it’s just a prototype, as I am not overly happy with the look of the slots, and think that it will reduce the quality of the sound a bit too much. My next plan will be to carve out a recess on the back of the inlay, and fit some type of speaker screen back there. I’m thinking some type of woven steel or screening might be in the works. It has to be dense enough to hide the speakers, and yet, provide clean and clear sound. Perhaps some door screening is in order. We’ll see.

I think the embellishments on the sides of the cabinet are what I’m most proud of. In the original artwork, the small ‘discolorations’ that appear all over the cabinet would denote to me some type of attachment, so I made myself up a 3/4″ square template and went to work carving them out. The results were great!

I think these little additions to the cabinet will really make it stand out.

Overall, the cabinet has over 20 of these small carves to do, and they’re not without their challenges. When I was carving the second-last one for the sides, my wood slipped, causing me to cut through the template as well as a section of the side. While it wasn’t good, it wasn’t project-ending, either. I am able to Bondo the section and re-carve it, once I have re-cut the template. It was a small setback, so no harm, no foul.

I do want to take a moment to thank my Wife for the use of her Quilting & Crafting Room, for the storage of … well, pretty much everything for my Project. As you can see from the pictures above, I’ve pretty much monopolized her space with MDF, tools and equipment. Not to mention an 80lb. computerized carving machine!

I know she’s always wanted a Longarm Quilter. Maybe, once my Project is complete, I’ll buy her one, to make up for it. (I might just have to!)


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