It’s all coming together now…

Posted: 2011.10.02 in DOOMED!, General

A week or so ago, my Wife commented on all of the wood sitting around in her Quilting Room, and asked me when my cab was going to “start looking like something”. It’s been a long time, but I’m happy to report that I’ve made progress on assembly!

I’ve assembled some of the lower sections, and I’m surprised it’s as sturdy as it is. I’ve always made sure to use glue and clamps to secure everything together, and some screws for extra support, but other than that, I haven’t installed any additional interior framing.

To build up the front curved edges, I layered pieces of 3/4″ MDF, which will end up being sanded to shape, and finished with Bondo.

In the past couple of days, the weather hasn’t been the best, so yesterday, I prepared the pieces for the edges and today, my youngest and I glued them up and clamped them in place.

A result of my Son’s hard, hard work…

…and what the edges will look like, after everything is attached.

Now, over at the Build Your Own Arcade forums, the discussion has been fast and furious into ‘next steps’, as Andy Warne over at Ultimarc has recently released these puppies into the market:

I have considered including light guns into my cabinet for a while, but haven’t had a good idea in how to incorporate them, as I have wanted to keep the cabinet as ‘game-original’ as possible. Well, after numerous discussions, I came up with an idea to put them into the rear of the case… …and the inspiration for the design was straight out the game itself.

In the level of Doom 3 shown above, the Security Personnel opens up a panel to the right, where you get to pick up your armor and weaponry. I decided that if you open the back of the cabinet, you shouldn’t be greeted by a mess of wires and parts. I want the cabinet to be as intriguing inside, as outside, so I came up with the following design for the rear:

So, when you open the cabinet, I’m going to have an armory-styled bay, which will be able to house the light guns, and I’m also considering a futuristic pulse-rifle as well, similar to the ones used in-game. Overall, it should add to the ambiance of the case.

One final thing I’d like to do, is to thank Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson, the Hosts of InnerSPACE on the Space Channel, for all of their interest and support of my project. (If you’re here because of their Twitter posts, welcome!) Definitely follow them on Twitter, and definitely watch InnerSPACE for everything to do with sci-fi. And I do mean everything!

Now that the cabinet is finally taking shape, I hope to make more progress soon, and you’ll hear it here first!


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