It’s been awhile, but Spring is almost upon us!

Posted: 2012.03.14 in General

It has certainly been interesting over the past few months!

My Wife and I have been working on renovations inside the house, as the weather has not been co-operative for any more than a few hours.  The cabinet has been sitting in my kids’ game room for the past couple of months, and I have made sure to keep it clean, dusted, and organized, while I planned out my next steps.

The weather report for this week looks good, and the temperatures outside have been pretty nice, so I’ve been able to go without a heavy winter coat.  I’m just completing a very labour intensive bedroom reno right now – and when I say ‘labour intensive’, I’m speaking of my attempt to remove wallpaper that was painted over by the previous owners of our house.  Sadly, it’s not the ‘strippable’ type of wallpaper, either.  It’s the kind where if you get the top ‘picture’ layer off, you now have a fibrous, stubborn layer to contend with.  We’ve put hours into removal already, and it usually seems that we get a 3′ x 3′ section off in about an hour.  Definitely not fun.

So, we’re hoping to get through that soon (see: this weekend) so that we can complete the paint (a much easier job) and finish trimming the room.  Once I’ve got that done, the cabinet is definitely the next big project.  My plan is to have this completed within the next few months.


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