When I’m not working on my arcade…

Posted: 2012.04.10 in General

…I work on improving my house. So, on my second day back to work from my week-long “vacation”, I wanted to share my Master Bedroom reno.

My Wife and I have been in our house for the past seven years, and our bedroom was the one room we hadn’t made any progress on. I mean, we hadn’t painted, upgraded, repaired, or anything. We made the decision that our room would be ‘next’ after some of the other repairs we had been doing, and so for the past few weeks, we’ve been working on fixing it up.

Let me preface this by saying that our house is a 70+ year old wartime house, that was improved in the 80’s by adding a second floor. Since we’ve been there, we have built a bedroom for my youngest Son, created a second-floor laundry room, made more of an ‘open-concept’ main floor by removing much of a wall, and completely renovated our kitchen. Oh, and I guess it serves to explain that we have also replaced our downstairs bathroom three times. Twice, when we wanted to refresh the paint, and once, when the bathroom upstairs decided to leak through, sending a torrent of old, smelly, wet, blown insulation into the room below.

But I digress.

Our bedroom started out ‘builders beige’, but not by the original builder. Two of the walls (one and a half, actually) were painted over wallpaper…

You’ll see in the pic above that the ‘light’ section to the right is still painted. That’s the section where the previous owners removed the old wallpaper, and the ‘dark’ section to the left is where they gave up. That’s the under layer of wallpaper where we had removed it. They decided to quit, I guess, and use drywall mud to cover the transition. I loved cleaning that mess up. (NOT.) The wall to the right wasn’t much more fun…

I had originally hoped that the wallpaper was the ‘easy’ type, which would remove in large strips, but alas, it was not. There were many nights where I would spend a couple of hours with my wallpaper removal tool and some commercial wallpaper stripper, only to get a 3’x3′ section removed. Not fun. One of my least favourite aspects of the room was the peel-n-stick floor tiles that the previous owners had installed – likely bought from the local dollar store.

Here is a picture of another wall ‘before’…

Every time I look at the ‘before pictures’, I cringe a little bit and wonder how we lived in that room for so long without working on it. Especially, when I look at the ‘after’ pics!

Over the course of a few weeks – and all last week during my vacation – we refreshed the walls, put up new primer and paint on all the walls and ceiling, installed new laminate flooring, painted out and reinstalled the existing floor moulding, installed new crown moulding and put up the floating shelving. It was a very involved process, but I’m extremely happy with how it all turned out.

The only thing I hate is ‘the bug’… That little voice that tells you “you’re not finished…” There are so many other things I’d like to do – it’s hard to find any ‘down time’.

And yes, next up is our walk-in closet, and the laundry room. Both are in similar shape as the bedroom was, and will require some work in freshening up their walls, but I’m looking forward to the next reno. (When’s my next vacation, anyway?)



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