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The Friday FiveWelcome to the introductory post for “The Friday Five”, where I will be providing you with a new countdown every week.  This week, I bring you the top five most unique posts that I have read on  I hope that you find them as entertaining and as thought provoking as I do.

Number 5 – “Puttin’ on the ritz.”

“Wanted: Black Top Hat – If you have a black top hat that I can have or even borrow, please reply.”

It looks like somebody’s getting into the Hallowe’en spirit a bit late…  This one came in a week after Hallowe’en.  Maybe it’s for a party.  I certainly hope that it’s not some new trend I’m not a part of, because I’d hate to go to my local mall, only to find all of the teenagers all wearing top hats.  That sounds kind of scary to me, like a bad “Clockwork Orange” homage…

Number 4 – “I don’t know how she’s going to get this home!”

Wanted: TV and DVD Player – I’m looking for a DVD player and a TV, more looking for something bigger then a 26’… …if you might happen to have either of these you could gift this was be great!  I can pick up anytime that’s convenient for you!”

At first, I thought nothing of it, but at second glance, I noticed that a simple typo turned this into a request for a twenty-six foot television! Well, that certainly puts my 42″ plasma to shame.

Number 3 – “Weren’t these bands popular way back in the Eighties?”

“Wanted: Any Megadeth or Iron Maiden Stuff – Hi. I’m looking for any Megadeth or any Iron Maiden stuff like pictures, music (records or rare stuff from other countries), flags, posters or toys.”

Pictures and music, flags and posters.  Certainly.  These are metal bands, so they certainly exist.  Toys?  Really?  There are toys of this stuff?

Iron Maiden Toy

GAH! What the heck is that?!  That’s a toy?! Somehow, I have the feeling Todd McFarlane had something to do with this.  I certainly hope this is for someone of an appropriate age.  I can’t imagine the nightmares my toddler would get from receiving this as a Christmas gift…

Number 2 – “Heh.  I listed this one as number two.  That’s funny.”

“Offer: Two Toilets – In working order, replaced yesterday with low flush.  White.  Both out near street.  Garbage day isn’t until next Thursday.  Will send address to anyone interested in looking/taking.”

I have only three words after reading this post: NO THANK YOU!

Number 1 – “Hey!  That’s my gig!”

“Wanted: Old computers – Hi all.  If you have an unwanted, old computer you wish to discard let me know.”

Ever since I posted my request for old and unused computer equipment, these posts are becoming more and more prevalent.  This one is an example of one of the ‘better’ ones I’ve come across, albeit very short and to the point.  I actually read one last week that said, “I need a laptop computer.  If you have one you want to give me, let me know.”

No kidding.

Now, there have been some really good posts whereby people have explained their needs, and these posts have been pretty good.  Some people have posted that their old computers are no longer working, and yet others have posted saying they don’t have the means to buy themselves a computer, and that they would sincerely appreciate anything that could be provided to them.  Those posts are good, because they provide the reader with a reason for the request.  It’s the requests that come across as self-serving, sometimes even selfish, that likely get little-to-no response.

So, when you’re posting, you might want to put a bit of thought into what you’re saying, whether you’re offering something unique (a la “number two”) or if you’re asking for something you want.  You never know, your post might just be included on an upcoming “Friday Five” countdown!

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